We at Frontline Canadian Defence (FCD) recognize and understand the issues clients in the security industry face. FCD has addressed this issue through diligent training and recruitment requirements. As former Canadian Forces members and Law enforcement we also understand the value of teamwork, and have organized our company around a military framework, because it works. This framework is inclusive in nature and identifies deficiencies by building on strengths. Competence and self improvement is the surest path towards confidence, personal pride and a desire to see a job well done. This is why we at Frontline Canadian Defence don’t just provide security guards…we provide Security Professionals.

Tactical Communications

The importance of being able to properly and effectively communicate in a productive and safe manner is the benchmark of many industries. We have developed a communications package for both the security/law enforcement area as well as civilian applications including health services, corporate management and front end hotel staff. Our Tactical Communication instructors have been teaching for 6 years and are trained in InterPersonal Communications (IPC) and Verbal Judo. They are 3rd generation law enforcement/corrections with 17 years of experience to draw upon. This allows them to relate the subject matter in a real world model and provides for a more comprehensive learning environment.

ABST (Alberta Basic Security Training course)
Frontline Canadian Defence offers the Alberta Basic Security Training course. This training will qualify graduates to apply for the Individual Security Guard License through the Alberta Solicitor General's office under the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA).

The course includes:
- Introduction to the Security Industry
- The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals
- Basic Security Procedures
- Communication for Security Professionals
- Documentation and Evidence
- Response Procedures for Security Professionals
- Health and Safety for Security Professionals

PPCT Defensive Tactics Course:
This internationally recognized course is delivered by former Canadian Forces members with excellent practical experience in the field, so the student is able to relate to the subject material through realistic scenarios. If you want to be a security professional this course is extremely valuable and is complementary to the ABST Course.

Personal Self Defence Course - (Women and Co-Ed Offered) / Knife Defence Course:
Personal safety has never been more important than it is today. Frontline Canadian Defence has developed these courses with you in mind. They offer training based on a hybrid of law enforcement and Special Forces use of force techniques to deliver a highly effective civilian level self defence program.

We offer discounts for those in both full and part-time academic pursuits.

For more information please call Stuart at 780 340-1084 or Bernie at 780 233-9854.

Executive and High Risk Close Protection:
These courses have been developed from current worldwide experience in the international High Risk security field, and condensed into a comprehensive training package.

The CP package includes:
- Individual Bodyguard tactics
- Executive Protection
- High Risk Close Protection
- Motorcade Operations and Defensive Tactics.

This training package is offered as a whole or can be broken down in to modules to suit client needs, whether they are private or government agencies.

Tactical Carbine Shooting:
This course focuses on how to operate and fire a carbine rifle in a tactical environment. The course covers tactical shooting principals, firing positions, instinctive shooting, emergency reload, tactical reload, basic fire and movement and lots and lots of shooting.

2-5 Days

Tactical Pistol Shooting
This course focuses on how to operate and fire a pistol in a tactical environment. The course covers tactical shooting principals, firing positions, proper holster draw, tactical loading, emergency reload, tactical reload, basic fire and movement and lots and lots of shooting. The course is shaped in the scope of law-enforcement, military and private security.

2-5 Days

Individual Bodyguard Course
This course focuses on individual bodyguard operations. Course covers individual bodyguard tactics. Attacks on Principals, arrivals and departures, legal boundaries, defensive tactics and baton tactics. The fifth day will be a final exercise with a VIP that will challenge all material learned on the course

5 Days

Executive Protection Course
Over 2 weeks all candidates will be instructed on all aspects of the close protection industry. Upon completion of this course all candidates will be able to operate with any professional close protection team anywhere in the world.

Course Outline:
- Motorcade Operations
- Individual Bodyguard Tactics
- Defensive Tactics
- Baton Tactics
- Foot Formations
- Team Operations
- Arrivals and Departures
- Attacks on Principal
- Conduct Reconnaissance
- Final Exercise

2 Weeks

Motorcade Operations Course
This course is designed to safely and professionally transport a VIP
from different venues in a one to three car motorcade. It incorporates
a track day focusing on formations and defensive manoeuvres on the
first day. The second day is actual simulated VIP movements focusing
on arrivals and departures in order to ensure a smooth transition from
the venue to the limo.

2 Days

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