General Security
Frontline Canadian Defence will provide a security professional that is able to adapt to the environment of the client industry. Services will adapt accordingly to ensure there are no gaps in security due to changing layout or hazards. FCD staff will remain flexible and can provide extra coverage when needed.

Special Event
Security professionals can be provided with limited notice for events occurring. Everything ranging from public meetings to private functions can be provided for.

Vehicle Patrol
Our mobile patrol services are designed to maximize productivity for the client. By limiting the number of sites our vehicles visit (hits) in a night we marginally reduce profit but significantly increase client satisfaction. Employee morale and professionalism are also increased, by preventing “burnout” from stress by overtaxing capabilities.

Frontline Canadian Defence is constantly researching innovative and efficient ways to provide the latest security technology to our clients. Frontline Digital Surveillance features high resolution cameras that are integrated with state of the art DVR technology to provide sharp and accurate surveillance. A Frontline Digital Surveillance System can send clear images to any smart phone, PC or tablet from anywhere in the world. Call center monitoring is also available.

Executive Protection
Frontline Canadian Defence employs executive protection operatives with training and experience at a world class standard. Only experienced military or law enforcement with an extensive protection background are selected for Frontline Canadian Defence Clients who require Executive or High Risk Protection

Security Training
Frontline Canadian Defence offers the same Basic Security Training that we provide our employees. This training will qualify graduates to apply for the Individual Security Guard License through the Alberta Solicitor General’s office under the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA). The course includes law and liability, Basic Security Procedures, Tactical Communication, and Documentation and evidence.

Tactical Training
Frontline Tactical Training has been developed from current worldwide experience in the international High Risk security field, and condensed into a comprehensive training package. The package includes: Individual Bodyguard tactics, Executive Protection, High Risk Close Protection, Motorcade Operations, Defensive Tactics, Tactical Carbine and Tactical Pistol. This training package is offered as a whole or can be broken down in to modules to suit client needs, whether they are private or government agencies.


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